Metalío is a lovely, grey sands beach that is known for the restaurants that line its shores.  Here you can enjoy from an assortment of exquisitely prepared local cuisine, seafood specialties and other gourmet entrees.  Caution!  Do not eat the sea turtle eggs! The sea turtles that visit El Salvador’s beaches are endangered and it is estimated that 99% of the eggs laid on these beaches are sold for local consumption.  Salvadorans are becoming more aware of the dwindling turtle population, however, the eggs still appear on menus in many restaurants.

Dolphin and whale sightings have been reported as close as 3 km. (1.8 mi.) from the shore, especially during December and January.

How to Get There

Metalío is located in the department of Sonsonate.

By Car

From San Salvador, take the highway to Sonsonate (CA-8) to the “Kilo 5” marker.  Turn right onto the coastal highway (Carretera del Litoral, CA-2).  Drive about 9.9 km. (6 mi.) until you reach a left hand turn marked as the way to the beach (Metalío).

By Bus

Take the 205 from San Salvador to Sonsonate.  In Sonsonate, take the 259 toward the border, La Hachadura.  Get off at the Metalío sign.  From there, it’s about a 1 km. (0.6 mi) walk to the beach.